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Organic produce is labeled organic when it has been grown, raised, harvested and packaged without the use of harmful chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, growth hormones or antibiotics. Organic also means the produce has not been genetically modified. When we choose organic we not only look after the health of our own body and immune system, but also the health of our family, the health of our soil and the health of our planet. So everyone wins

The Namibian Organic Association (NOA) is the certifying body for Namibian farmers and producers. Producers have to follow procedure and keep records according to the NOA standards. They are assessed every year and accredited accordingly.

If labelled certified organic, the producer has reached and kept his full organic status for the year of assessment.

When labelled organic in conversion, the producer is usually new to the system and has to undergo a conversion period of 2 to 3 years before full status can be obtained. This means, he is farming according to organic principles and in line with NOA standards, but for the produce  and land to gain full organic status  from converting from conventional farming takes time, or certain conditions still have to be attained.

Only produce marked certified organic or organic in conversion is farmed according to organic principles and may be labelled as such.

The Organic Box also provides a market place for farmers to market their produce directly to the public. We therefore offer home made, farm fresh, free range and non organic produce as well.

Hoping to provide you with a range of produce from producers who take our planet into consideration when planting, harvesting and distributing their produce!